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The Essential Guide to Importing Personal Effects

Whether you are shipping to Saudi Arabia, or shipping to New York, customs require certain documents to clear the shipment upon arrival. – Commercial Invoice and Packing list with US dollar values – Complete form 3299 for all international shipments – Power of attorney completed and signed. (Most important is the Social Security and Signature) – ISF completed 72 hours prior to vessel departure – Copy of your passport There are three types of US Customs inspections. Please make sure client is aware of that; 1- Back door inspection (free) 2- X-ray $750 – $1200 paid by your client 3-…

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Shipping to Saudi Arabia- International Students’ Shipping Options

Saudi Arabia is becoming more popular of a destination for international students who are seeking better educational opportunities, and shipping to Saudi Arabia is a part of the process that needs to be considered when a move is imminent. You could always choose to replace your personal belongings once you arrive, but why bother spending all that money when you can ship internationally for cheaper and keep the stuff that you already own? When you choose to ship international you will have to check out the available services and see what suits your needs. Shipping to Saudi Arabia is simpler…

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