The Essential Guide to Importing Personal Effects

Whether you are shipping to Saudi Arabia, or shipping to New York, customs require certain documents to clear the shipment upon arrival.

– Commercial Invoice and Packing list with US dollar values
– Complete form 3299 for all international shipments
– Power of attorney completed and signed. (Most important is the Social Security and Signature)
– ISF completed 72 hours prior to vessel departure – Copy of your passport

There are three types of US Customs inspections.

Please make sure client is aware of that;

1- Back door inspection (free)
2- X-ray $750 – $1200 paid by your client
3- Intensive exam (1 in 200 containers may randomly be selected for “Intensive Exam”, US Customs at that would remove the container from terminal to their facility or leased facility, they take everything out and put it back in (very professionally), nevertheless, these exams could cost the importer between 2-3 thousand dollars. We do not control these exams and payment can be made directly to US Customs. We will also send the customer via Docu-sign our terms and condition.

Trucking: Domestic and international moving

1- Any delays of release may cause demurrages (storage charges).

2- Any and all storage fees (if any) is paid by shipper/receiver or your client.

3- After the trucker pick up the container from terminal and goes to the customer’s home, trucking company allows one-hour free unloading; each additional hour is $130 per hour

2- If you would like the trucker to drop off and pick up the next day (for example)? This is called “Drop and Pull”. Then you double the trucking charges.

3- There will be $45 per day New York, chassis charge. Typically speaking, the container should be billed two days chassis, however, if you select drop and pull, or hit a weekend, it could go up to 5-7 days chassis. Please make sure shipper/receiver are aware of that.

4- Residential customer MUST get a police permission to allow the bi container to park Infront of their house. There MUST be a place to maneuver the truck and park at ease. If there were any damages to the grass, post box, this would be the responsibility of the shipper/receiver. Truckers are accredited professional; however, this is complex, and things must be clear to client before we take his goods.

5- We assume that everything in the container is well packed, and if there were any damages, internal or external, the customer should file a claim with shipping agent at the origin country and/or his insurance policy.


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