About Us is a search and a research engine for generating shipping rates and shipping options instantly online. is owned and operated by Universal International, Inc (UEI). UEI was incorporated in 1995 in Los Angeles, California. Our users are able to move their shipments with the top carriers in shipping industry, and save you over 50% on your shipping cost. Similar to online travel sites, our users are able to navigate through Rates, services and carriers in seconds and choose the best option for their shipping needs. As a Third Party Logistics, we contract major carriers in the shipping industry, negotiate the lowest rates in the market and pass the discounts to our users. Our customers are travelers, expats, people who are moving, people going on vacation, as well as Exporters and Importers. We connect the shippers to the carrier.

Our transportation licenses include IATA (By Air), FMC (By sea) and (By land). Every employee at our company is TSA (Transportation Security Agency) approved. We use insured and bonded carriers only. We ensure that your shipment is packed correctly, and prepared as per your instructions. Here are some of the services that we can provide for you:

1- Daily: Local pick from your Shippers and suppliers anywhere in the USA

2- Specialty pick ups in Los Angeles and New York, including fragile and holiday pick ups

3- Daily flights from all international gateways in the USA.

4- 56 warehouse locations in the USA. Shipments from NY will move from NY, Illinois will move from Chicago, and so on.

5- Consolidate one shipment from different suppliers and move as one shipment

6- Export documentation, Airway bill, Bill of lading, letter of credit, certificate of origin and SASO are few of the documents that we prepare

7- FREE storage: If your transit Shipment is not ready, your shipment will be stored at our Camera Secured warehouse free of charge

8- Packing and repacking. We will repack all poorly packed items.

9- Pictures of your cargo. Pictures of your cargo is readily available upon request

10- Instant online shipping calculator from your USA to anywhere worldwide.

11- Tracking and tracing your shipment online 24/7 with a unique link to each shipment

12- E-commerce. We consolidate and ship to E-Commerce companies worldwide.

Whether you are shipping to Australia, Shipping to United UK, or shipping to Saudi Arabia, will give you instant rates using the top carriers in the industry.

Call us toll free at 800-252-5262, or from outside the USA at 310-243-2900, or write us at [email protected]. Write us your concerns, your questions, your personal inquiries, your needs or any other question that is related to logistics.