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Credit Card Authorization

Thank you for placing an order with HomeShipping and Universal Express International. Please complete the form below and submit payment. You will receive your electronic receipt by email.

By completing and executing this form, the cardholder acknowledges and agrees that UEI (Universal Express International, Inc., is authorized, as of the authorization date set forth below and subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, to charge the credit card, debit card or other payment card (each referred to as “credit card”) specified above for the amounts billed to the company specified above in connection with UEI and HomeShipping.com.. The Form supersedes any existing credit card payment authorization form from UEI and HomeShipping.com has on file for the cardholder with respect to such credit card payments or such amounts.

The rate above is based on the information that you have entered using our shipping calculators, email request, text or agreed to over the phone with a company representative.. All shipments are subject to reweigh and remeasure by the carrier. UEI and HomeShipping.com matches your shipments with the Top carriers that match your shipments details. In case a discrepancy in weight or measure, UEI will either credit you back the difference if the weight and measured dimensions were less than the chargeable weight processed. If the re-weight or measured dimensions were more than the initial weight, the card holder authorizes Universal Express International, Inc, and HomeShipping.com to charge the difference in weight or measured dimensions accordingly. UEI and HomeShipping.com will inform you of the changes prior to charging any additional fees, but do not need a new authorization to process the difference. It is the card holder responsibility to ensure that the weight and measures are accurate prior to processing the final order. UEI and HomeShipping.com is an intermediary third-party logistics that will help you plan your shipment better, match your shipment with the suitable carrier at the best price available. There will be a $25.00 penalty for any rejected charge pursuant to this authorization. Cardholder further authorizes UEI and HomeShipping.com to initiate a charge or credit to the above credit card as necessary to correct any prior overpayment or underpayment of an invoice or any other erroneous charge or credit affected under this authorization. Company and cardholder acknowledge that if the amount charge to the forgoing credit card in a particular month exceeds $10,000.00, UEI and HomeShipping.com will provide company with prior notice of such varying amount; to the extent such notice is applicable required by applicable law.