Before You Ship Tips

Investing time on your packing and properly taping your boxes
is the most important aspect in your shipping experience. Please follow these steps to properly tape your boxes:

Any fragile items must be securely wrapped with bubble wrap. NOT towels or news papers.

1- Start at the bottom corner of the box
2- Begin taping around box without cutting the tape
3- Continue to tape upward until box is submerged with tape
4- Place the box on its side and repeat process

These boxes are going from your home to the drivers truck, to another driver, few warehouses to say the least. Potentially tens of people will carry these boxes. You want to protect them if they fall. Without the tape, if boxes are accidentally dropped by you, the driver or anyone who handles them, they will bust open. So, please make sure to adhere to proper taping prior to moving your boxes.

Alternatively, you may use the shrink wrap, or plastic wrap. You can find it in any packing supplies store like HomeDepot, Uhaul and Wallmart. If you use the plastic wrap, make sure that you tape the end of the wrap securely with packing tape. , as it starts to peal off after a while. Finally, never ever use DUCT tape, the glue dries off and peals off after a while, use TRANSPARENT HIGH QUALITY PACKING TAPE. Whether you ship to Jeddah, shipping to Frankfurt, Shipping to Dubai, proper packing of your boxes is the key to receiving them sound and secure.

If you have any questions regarding packing, please call us at 1-800-252-5262